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My journey into handmade jewellery

Jewellery making for me started with some pretty tumbled beach stones.  I taught myself how to drill holes, wire wrap and hang them on cords to wear as necklaces.  It was fairly basic but I was very proud of my homemade jewellery and I continued to learn new techniques. I've come a long way since then as this interest developed into a passion to learn about the art of metalsmithing.​ It has taken a lot of practice and a huge number of tools (and some melted metal), but I now have an amazing studio where I can create beautiful jewellery and its wonderful that so many support my small business.


torch heating up metal
Necklace with white pebble  wrapped decoratively with copper coloured wire hanging on a black cord against a white background

One of my first pieces - a wire wrapped beach stone

Julia Brice walking with dog on a sandy beach on a sunny day

Why making jewellery is important to me

When I became a jeweller I was passionate about creating important memories that would be treasured for a lifetime because I could see how special a piece of jewellery very often was.  We all remember where each piece of jewellery we own comes from don't we?  I dont take this responsibility lightly and each piece is made with care and love.

Why I work with sterling silver

I have always particularly enjoyed working with sterling silver.  Silver is so comfortable and elegant to wear any time of the day, for any occasion and I love its wonderful enduring quality.  Adding gemstones to silver always makes a stunning combination.  I do also like to mix metals and often add gold or gold fill accents to my jewellery.

red carnelian ring with silver and gold granulation
silver paw print necklace on a silver chain with gemstone in paw
2 silver rings one slim wire band and one with round amber and silver setting
stacked pebbles in increasing size on a rocky beach next to the sea

Helping our planet

My aim is to be as eco conscious in my business as possible and I and continually trying to keep improving.  Most of my jewellery is a made with recycled silver and my packaging is eco-friendly and recycled.  

White Cotton Fabric
round disc necklace with textured area and a shiny crescent moon design on a silver chain on a green and brown background

Made with love

I really hope you enjoy wearing my jewellery as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  My shop will be updated on a regular basis but If I can help I am happy to help


Please contact me and submit a request form and I will get back to you as quickly as possible



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