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Every day has its own moon phase

The daily phases of the moon were believed to be one of the earliest timepieces for our ancestors around 35,000 years ago. Why not capture your own unique moment in time, whether it is a special date or simply a reminder of the amazing beauty of the night sky and carry a piece of celestial beauty with you.


Timeless Elegance

  • a moon phase necklace is perfect for those looking for a special and meaningful piece of jewellery. Each necklace is handcrafted making each piece slightly different and unique.


What Does My Moon Phase Symbolise

A waning gibbous moon phase has reached its full moon brightness and is now gradually becoming  less visible to us.  This phase is considered to represent gratitude and patience, looking inward and letting go.


Features of a Moon Phase Necklace

** Cast and hand finished using traditional and contemporary jewellery-making techniques meaning each moon has its own slight variations.


** Made with recycled sterling silver.


** Choose either a sterling silver satellite chain or black leather cord.


** Custom made for your special date.



*Each pendant is cast using recycled sterling silver according to your beautiful moon phase in one solid piece of silver.

*It will be hand finished with a sprinkling of silver dust which is permanently fused to the surface to give a glistening starry effect.

*The glowing area of the moon that is reflected by the sun, eg the crescent or gibbous, has been polished to a high shine whilst the part not illuminated by the sun is oxidised to darken its appearance with highlighted silver areas. 

*Each moon hangs perfectly from a stylish sterling silver bail.


Please allow 7 days for delivery



Moon Phase Waning Gibbous Silver Necklace


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